Welcome BBRE!


  Shane Bailey is happy to introduce you to his new company, Build Beyond Real Estate Group.  After a year of working with Live.Laugh.Denver Real Estate Group, he decided it was time to branch out with a new brokerage. He has created a unique niche in the world of real estate representing buyers of new construction. He can do this well because of his background as a licensed general contractor and certified home inspector. He can also represent you in other real estate transactions including, but not limited to, the purchase of an existing home, investment property, scrape and build, or empty lots. If you are interested in having your house listed for sale, he can refer you to other excellent Realtors in the area with whom he works closely. As always, your referrals are appreciated and never forgotten.    

Home Equity is Increasing


 Have you thought about taking advantage of the equity in your home to treat yourself to an upgrade? That equity can be used for a remodel, an addition, or moving into a newly constructed house. BBRE (and sister company Bailey Custom Homes) can help you take advantage of that equity, from designing your dream kitchen, to building an addition, to representing you as your Realtor/construction consultant as you move into a new home.  

Shane Bailey can do all of this because he is a licensed Realtor, licensed general contractor, certifed home inspector, and is working on becoming a certified residential designer.  BBRE offers a special service to Buyers of new production homes. He keeps an eye on the construction process from excavation to the final finishes, helping eliminate defects. A unique service that doesn't cost extra!

Springtime Home Maintenance


  Every time the seasons start to change, it’s important to think about the needs of your home. What has been used, stressed, or needs repair from the last season? What needs your attention for the spring? Don’t play catch-up this year, be one step ahead. 

  • Clean air ducts and/or replace the furnace filter. 
  • Clean out gutters that may be cluttered with late fall leaves and other debris. - When late winter is dry, deep root water trees and bushes. 
  • Prune tress before the heavy snows of spring cause damage. 
  • The winds of late winder can loosen roof shingles. Get your roof inspected and moisture readings taken in the attic. 
  • Speaking of the attic, insulation is just as important in the summer as it is in the winter. Upgrade insulation throughout your home to reduce heating and cooling bills. 
  • If you have an AC unit, have it serviced and certified. Replace it if it can’t be certified. 
  • Get that garden started now! Seedlings today equal fresh herbs/veggies in the late summer. 
  • Clear out flower beds and landscaping as the spring flowers emerge from the ground.   

Thinking about buying a new home from a large home builder? Don’t go without your Realtor.


  Production home builders like Meritage, KB Homes, Shea, Richmond and others make it seem like the process of buying a new home with them is easy. They don’t often recommend you bring your own Realtor. That means you are entering into a contracted transaction without proper representation. Signing a contract with a production builder without a Realtor, is like acting as your own lawyer in a court of law. Obviously a terrible idea. In reality, working directly with a builder only cuts down on their costs, but doesn’t save you anything. As a home buyer, the services of a Realtor are free to you. Our fee is paid by the builder and is not added to the final cost of the home. The commissions have already been accounted for the in the builder’s overhead costs before the project even begins.  During a meeting with other Realtors, Shane discussed the lack of buyer representation in the sale of production homes. One Realtor commented that she had clients who decided they didn’t need her. She later received a call begging for her advice and services. Unfortunately, there was nothing she could do because once a contract is signed with a production home builder, a Realtor can’t be added later. If you or someone you know is looking at buying a new home, please forward this newsletter. Remember, Realtor fees are paid by the builder, not you!  

Home owners insurance is rising in the state of Colorado!


  The cost of homeowner's insurance is on the rise. Why? When the number of claims goes up, insurance company’s funds go down. In order to compensate for this, they need to charge more. Why have there been more claims? Thank Mother Nature (hailstorms, drought fueled fires) and the growing Colorado population.      

Real Life Stories


  Instead of market statistics, we’d like to share a few of our recent experiences advocating for our home buyers as they go through (or have gone through) the process of having a home built by a production builder. As you may have gathered, Shane Bailey is a licensed Realtor and licensed general contractor providing expertise that is quite unique for a Realtor.   

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